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why does this remind me of RvB?

literally this but unironically

this belongs in a museum

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i'm not that far into the game yet but i hope there's a "get lamp" command in there somewhere lol

BoMToons responds:

If there's not, there CAN be!

will there ever be a Bullet Heaven 3?

matt-likes-swords responds:

It's possible!

i'm not that big a fan of idle games but here's 4 stars

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reminds me of Sonic

the intensity is delicious! 1 thing i noticed is that ingame, the snares sound different than here

love this! was this made with UTAU?

Precipitation24 responds:

Thank you!!
Wow, you know vocaloids well! They are a group of "wild (which means, free software)" vocaloids. It is a revolutionary technology, but I am using (antique) vocaloid-03 Megurine Luka by Crypton, Inc.. She is what is called a "refined lady" who can sing also in English.

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story: i was only 9 years old, my mom gave me a computer and told me i can browse the internet.. on there i met a person telling me to watch Doremi.. i said no.. that night, Doremi came out of my computer and suffocated me with a pillow.. i tried to escape and pushed her away! i ran all the way to Onpoo's forest, where i found a phone on the ground.. the battery was dead, but after recharging, i found out the last app opened was camera roll.. i tabbed the last video and saw the creepiest thing ever.. it was all the characters from that show singing the theme song.. it was so horrifying, and before i knew it, she came out of the screen again.. "what do you want from me?" i asked.. she leaned forward and looked me dead in the eyes.. "b nice n huge ur mum" she said.. i didn't understand a word.. "go away from me, you ebil spirit" i yelled.. but before i knew it, it was already too late.. Doremi has killed me and left me dead in the woods.. the next day some anon posted this on the board and got dubs.. if only i were alive.. then i could've checked those digits.. but i can't.. because i'm dead..
post this under 5 threads or you too will be cursed by Doremi..

she toucha da spaghet

it really do be like that sometimes, and that makes it perfect for Aggretsuko

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wtf does this mean?

somewhere with wifi

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